Gateway Cities Golf Club

The world famous Gateway Cities Golf Course is unique as eight holes and the number nine tee box are in Canada, but the number nine green is in the USA. This is the only known international hole in North America. Hole number nine takes one hour and ten seconds to play as the ball moves from central standard time to central daylight savings time. As well, it offers the opportunity to make a hole in one in two different countries.

Another unique feature of this course is eight greens are still the old-fashioned sand greens variety but one green is real grass. With this change, your putting skills will be challenged.

This is a family-friendly course with no tee times required so you can relax and play the game at your own pace. The course is open from approximately May 15 to September 30. We are a North Dakota fully-licensed beer/liquor clubhouse with minimal food options. There are six rental carts available for usage. Watch for the dates of the famous Border Classic in our Calendar of Events page.

Clubhouse hours may vary, but traditionally the days of operation are Sunday-Tuesday and Friday-Saturday.

(701) 926-3145

Hunting and Fishing

Northwestern North Dakota offers excellent hunting and fishing opportunities. Upland game birds include pheasant, Sharptail Grouse, Hungarian Partridge and doves. Ducks and geese are plentiful for water fowlers and big game hunters will find deer and moose.

For fisherman the Short Creek and Northgate dams are within 20 minutes driving distance from Portal. Both locations offer camping opportunities.

Visit for more information.

Northgate Dam Recreational Area

13 mile east and 4 miles south of Portal. Fishing, hunting, boating and camping.

Short Creek Dam Recreational Area

11 miles west and 1 mile south of Portal. Fishing, boating, camping and hunting.

Memorial Park

Enjoy the Memorial Park in Portal. It offers an area for picnics and has lots of things for children to play on. There is also a reasonably priced area for campers with electrical hookups.

The Portal Community Center and fire station

The Community Center with its large rooms and modern kitchen is available for use at a nominal charge. A great place for family reunions, parties and social gatherings. Contact the city auditor for more information and availability.